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CrossCult integrates innovation in three axes, all facilitated by technology and mobile apps:

Innovation Axis 1 - Extensive knowledge base creation

  • Harnessing maturing technologies of knowledge modelling and semantic reasoning.
  • Interconnecting common facts (e.g. objects of same style) or crosscutting, transversal concepts (e.g. rituals, folklore, war for resources).
  • Making interconnections across unrestricted sets of repositories of digital cultural heritage sources.

Innovation Axis 2 - Open technological platform provision

  • Facilitating the creation of interactive experiences for groups and individuals, in one or interconnected venues.
  • Integrating recent innovations in cutting edge technology (e.g. virtual reality, micro-augmentations, geolocalization, sporadic social networks).

Innovation Axis 3 - Situational curiosity and serendipitous learning maximization

  • Using state-of-the art techniques of content adaptation and personalization.
  • Maximizing situational curiosity and serendipitous learning.
  • Taking into account cognitive and emotional profiles, as well as group profiles.
  • Integrating spatial and miscellaneous features (e.g. calendar events, weather, congestion points in a venue, or popular news in the participants’ social media).

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