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Nothing in History occurs just because one person causes one event. Everything has to be understood in a wider context.
The European history, highly interconnected by nature, is a good example.  

Far from a collection of unconnected happenings, Human history is a huge mesh of interrelated facts and concepts, which has been long understood in the context of Humanities taught in Universities.

History is mostly presented in a simplistic and localistic manner!

And this situation is not getting any better on todays’ reality as it is easier than ever before for anyone to find partial information about any issue.

What about the consequences?

  • The cross-border cultural aspects are not taken into account
  • History and culture cannot be viewed as a shared and global inter-connected experience
  • Global views are most often missing
  • Views of others may not be so accessible

What will CrossCult do about this problem?

  • Connect people to digital and physical historical artefacts and in different places across Europe
  • Better understand and reinterpret history and culture

To achieve this goal, CrossCult will use smart ICT technology.

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