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Where History meets IT

The European "CrossCult": Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage in context-aware crosscuts of European history" project aims to spur a change in the way European citizens appraise History.

It will foster the re-interpretation of what citizens may have learnt in the light of cross-border interconnections among pieces of cultural heritage, other citizens' viewpoints and physical venues.

It seeks to increase retention, stimulate reflection and help citizens appreciate their common past and present in a more holistic manner.

Technology and mobile apps will be used and a user-friendly and a cost-efficient tool for experience designers, museum experts and external stakeholders, will be developed.

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  • Tourists and museum audience
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  • Financial and governmental authorities
  • Businesses
  • Software and ICT solution editors of the cultural sector

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Facts and numbers

  • A 3 year round project starting in March 2016
  • 11 contractual partners coming from Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Malta, France and Italy
  • More that 15 complementary European associated partners: venues, cities, non-governmental organizations and SME's
  • 4 flagship pilots across Europe: London, Lugo, Chaves, Epidaurus, Aquae Tauri, Tripolis, Luxembourg City, Valetta

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