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A Technological Innovation Living Lab

Living Labs are open innovation environments in real-life settings in which user-driven innovation is fully integrated within the co-creation process of new services products, and societal infrastructure.

The Living Lab set up in CrossCult incorporates the following technological innovation:

  • Research organisations support the project
  • The project targets the development of new technological solutions (the CrossCult Platform)
  • Stakeholders will develop an d evaluate the new solution
  • Actors will collaboratively exchange and co-create the final solution


Which are the key elements of a Living Lab?

  • An innovation design based on the usage of the technology
  • An involvement of stakeholders from the early phase of the design
  • A co-creation of the product, service or application
  • A real world experimentation of the product, service or application


A four-step process

The CrossCult Living Lab (LL) developed based on the four identified flagship pilots, is set-up in a 4 step process:

 Step 1 - Connect

  • Identify relevant stakeholders to be involved in the LL and their context
  • Understand the contexts of action in order to build on existing initiatives and relationships
  • Create a first link to the project

 Step 2 - Plan and Engage

  • Create a shared vision of the object among stakeholders
  • Support the endorsement of the role of local leader

 Step 3 - Support and Govern

  • Concretely engage local stakeholders in the design of a business model reinforcing the sustainability of the project outcomes
  • Design a business model to make the initiatives sustainable

 Step 4 - Manage and Track

  • Set up functioning rules


Join our Living Lab

Are you

  • Tourists and museum audience
  • Developers and experimenters
  • Financial and governmental authorities
  • Businesses
  • Software and ICT solution editors of the cultural sector

We need your contribution, your experience and your feedback to carry out our project!

Interested in joining us? Contact us!


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