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Do you imagine a top end platform to explore new technologies applied to visitors, citizens and collections without investing lots of money and depending on a unique technology option? We are currently studying the best way to offer CrossCult technologies to their potential users and analyzing how this users can offer new products based on CrossCult to their own clients. Check it out!

Suitable Business Models

Software as a service is a sensible method to integrate the CrossCult technologies into a fully functional and operational system. Upon receiving all information regarding the technologies, relevant coding and other details, an interested party can combine such backend information with a friendly user interface, creating an easy-to-use platform for other clients. In addition to the technologies present within the CrossCult project, the creator of the SaaS system can provide certain options to facilitate its use, and other services as relevant. Upon the finalization of a working system, the creator can commercialize it, selling access to interested clients, providing access to visitors and users and so forth.

Due to the wide potential usage of the CrossCult platform, in addition to built-in technologies, it will likely offer numerous possibilities to collect, use and/or monetize data. The platform can be implemented in several different settings, ranging from educational institutions, to museums, and as such, offers a diverse set of available data regarding usage in each setting. Likewise, technologies within the platform, such as context awareness tools, geopositioning, profiling data, and analytics, all have the potential to offer information that can be interesting for a number of different parties.

Features of the platform will include elements that engage interaction as well as reflection. However, in order to promote such concepts, there must be a sufficient amount of information and content that is available to clients, visitors and users. From educational institutions, to municipalities, to tourist attractions, effective and relevant content must be professionally developed and displayed. Some of the parties that wish to implement the CrossCult platform may not have the necessary resources or expertise to develop extensive sections of content for their clients or visitors. As such, there is a clear opportunity for a firm or institution to foster its content production capabilities packaging them into a CrossCult app.

The CrossCult project aims to serve innovation or host new developments that can be joint with delivering technologies. The integration of the CrossCult platform in an institution can facilitate innovation, education, reinterpretation of content and interaction. These are all potential areas that can be of interest for corporate sponsors, foundational grants, or government and industry associations.

The advertising platform is best-suited for an institution that intends to have a large amount of end users access the platform. Due to the requirements for scale of the advertising model, a sizeable number of users is the best strategy in order to ensure sufficient revenue and a successful model. The CrossCult project has the potential to be used across a variety of mediums, such as websites, kiosks, or mobile platforms. As such, the tactic for the greatest success through advertising can be dependent on the medium. Geopositioning and location recognition tools could encourage advertising based on location, whereas analytic and profiling tools can assist in creating a targeted market for promotion. 

Sustainability Strategy

The CrossCult team hopes to maintain active communication with those who it serves and to be a valuable contributor in aiding organizations with their goals. A core aspect in the development of a business strategy is to create a distribution and communication model that fosters a close working relationship between the platform team and potential users.

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