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The CrossCult platform aims to serve both organizations and individuals in offering, obtaining and interpreting cultural, educational and touristic information. The technological tools that we develop can be integrated into the activities of businesses, institutions and more in order to enhance the experience of all. Five key sectors of the economy are being closely analysed to gain a better understanding of specific organisations that can benefit and use CrossCult services into their ICT plans.

We have conducted several surveys to identify potential market interests. Know more about their thoughts regarding CrossCult and how to join our business activity program in this section. Crosscult conducted recently a survey within 5.000 european and abroad institutions. We will publish soon its main findings.

Five key sectors

Museums, monuments, culture-based companies and other type of institutions that provides services for disseminating culture will take these advantages:

  • Features such as profiling and semantic reasoning will allow visitors and curators to personalize the experience and improve it. 
  • Each institution will be able to benefit from advanced statistics allowing them to optimize the visit of each user. 
  • The ability to find associations and connections between different facts and snippets of information can serve both as a fun activity and educational experience for the visitors. It also will help institutions to build new connections and interpretation of the same facts.

Advertising Agencies, Gaming Companies and others creative industries will improve their services for the previous sectors by using CrossCult platform: 

  • CrossCult provides a number of ways to creatively present contents, while adapting them to user’s interests or goals. The use of advanced audio and visual technology will allow visitors to better understand and enjoy the contents.   
  • Games, quizzes and pre-defined tours can also ensure that each and every individual can remain engaged throughout the visit. 

School, universities, course providers, eLearning companies... all of them will achieve their educational purpose using this technology: 


  • The CrossCult technology is the perfect way to encourage engagement and interaction within a classroom.  With numerous ways to display content, institutions can ensure that each individual has the ability to learn in a way that best fits their needs.  
  • The ability to integrate games and participation tools into teaching can drastically change the classroom experience, and ensure that students participate and remain active. 
  • The capacity of the platform to adapt to the needs of different users allows an educator to provide the necessary material and support to all students. Besides, it permits teachers to evaluate the progress of students.

Cities, regional governments and municipal agencies of tourism will all be able to use the CrossCult platform to successfully improve their services offer:

  • CrossCult Platform will encourage engagement and the use of situational and context tools (such as geopositioning, closer points of interest, weather, cultural agenda and so forth) in order to develop a more personalized and quality journey.
  • The platform can provide psychographic and demographic information about users and help towns or regions to better understand the needs of their tourists.
  • The application could also be a useful tool in assisting those unfamiliar to the region by providing essential information and tips.

Municipal agencies and technology service providers will all be able to use the CrossCult platform to successfully improve efficiency and communication: 

  • Both governments and local businesses interested in improving areas such as healthcare, infrastructure or governance can make use of context awareness tools (traffic, weather, etc.) to ensure efficiency in all areas of operation.
  • Government officials, for example, can interact with citizens, highlight local initiatives and work with local businesses to promote events and commerce in the city.

Expert interests and thoughts

Be one of our featured reviewers, send us your needs and how Crosscult can help your institution. Visit our Living Lab contact form or use our professional network at Linkedin


Héctor del Barrio, Héctor del Barrio, the Director of Dissemination in the Management of State Museums, a part of the Ministry of Culture of Spain:


¨What we seek from projects such as CrossCult (or one in which we like) is to serve, help and reach the citizen, the person who solicits this information, these services, and who wishes to access the museum in all of its various aspects. As museums, we owe it to society and must provide an answer to these needs.”






Noelia Ibañez, Director of Analysis and Statistics at The  National Museum of Prado:


 “CrossCult is [also] related with the public profile, with the qualitative part regarding service quality, with the sociodemographic profile, etc. I would like for it to facilitate a forum for reflection prior to making certain decisions.”







Albert Sierra, Director of New Technologies and Innovative Projects in the Catalan Agency of Cultural Heritage:

Albert-Sierra-Agencia-Catalana-Patrimonio-Cultural“In talking about web semantics, we always find ourselves on an elevated level. However, I see in CrossCult a grounded method [to apply the tenets of web semantics] that could provide applicable results to the projects that we develop.”






Ana Álvarez, Director of the Web and New Mediums for the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum:


 “Technology can help us during the visit. When we provide content to the users, we search for related proposals, to allow them to discover other content and change their path, providing them with this sensation of “discovery”.”







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