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Press Release - Tripoli's stakeholders meeting

On Wednesday, September 19th 2018, our partner University of Peloponnese in collaboration with the ephorate of antiquities of Arcadia invited interested stakeholders from the wide area of Peloponnese to showcase CrossCult project. The meeting took place in the reading room of the Library of the University of Peloponnese. Our colleague, Prof. Kostas Vassilakis warmly welcomed the participants and introduced the rest of speakers. We were honoured with the presence of Mayor of Tripolis, Mr Michalis Pavlis who, in his welcome speech, stressed the importance of Cultural Heritage projects for the future of museums. Dr Anna Karapanagiotou, the director of the ephorate and member of the project's advisory committee, took the floor next and outlined the condition of museums in the region and her experience in collaborating with CrossCult. Dr Ioanna Lykourentzou, project representative, provided a brief presentation of the importance of the project, the benefits for the museums and cultural organizations as well as the ways for further exploiting the outputs of the project (i.e. platform, games, services). In the reception that followed, there were important discussions and significant planning for future collaborations.

<link https: www.drt915.gr papel-ekdilosi-gia-epistimones-tis-archeologias-ke-tou-politismou-ph-vd _blank>www.drt915.gr/papel-ekdilosi-gia-epistimones-tis-archeologias-ke-tou-politismou-ph-vd/

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