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CrossCult at Bains Numeriques

On June 15th - 16th, 2018 our Pilot 4 participated in the Bains Numeriques (please find more information on the event <link http: www.cda95.fr en bains-numeriques-10e-edition>here). CrossCult participated in this innovation fair held in the heart of the Biennial which focused on "Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and connected objects—get the lowdown on the latest innovations out there and discover the applications and uses of the not-so-distant future!". It was represented there by Thibaud Latour, the head of <link http: www.cda95.fr en bains-numeriques-10th-edition luxembourg-institute-science-and-technology-list>LIST Research Unit.

See <link http: www.cda95.fr en bains-numeriques-10e-edition les-exposants>here the exhibitors list. 


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